Forex Trading Basics for Beginner Trader from Malaysia

To start trading you must get a basic understanding of the forex trading market. You need to understand some of the key components that allow trading to operate, and set our a plan to continually educate yourself by reading how different strategies work and testing them. Learning all the forex trading strategies and techniques of trading is central to your success. Our forex education section is here teach you how to trade better and answer your questions.

This section is split up into beginner and advanced educational material. The forex trading basics material will answer your initial questions before, or while, you set up a trading account with a broker, and then help you with some fundamental strategies and language that you should know before starting off. The advanced section is going to introduce more of the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and details that you will need if you are going to get the most of your trading and really start spotting larger opportunities in the market.

The Basics:

  • Is Forex trading legal in Malaysia?
  • How to choose a Forex trading platform
  • Understanding different types of Forex brokers
  • Main Forex regulatory bodies for brokers around the world
  • Forex broker commissions & fees – how brokers make money
  • Is Mobile Trading Actually Any Good?
  • Forex tools – Which should I use?

Beginner Tips & Strategy:

  • Forex Pairs to Focus on and Avoid
  • The Spread – What does the spread tell you?
  • Understanding Forex Charts
  • How to Develop a Trading Strategy
  • Risk Management in Forex Trading
  • Interest Rates in the Forex Market
  • Order Types for Forex

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